And it was about time! Incidentally, we have also been working on rugby union records for all the sport stats fans out there.

We are proud to announce that the Rugby Union Edition of our renowned Team Stats Database is nearly ready.

Timely indeed as the World Cup in Japan is well past, and the 6 Nations are now roaring. With a surprising French team under the leadership of new head coach Fabien Galthié too. But we will come to this later. For now we want to celebrate the spirit of rugby.

Rugby Union Stats on SportStatsGuru

Like any other sports that we cover across international events, just head over to National Team Stats then select Rugby in the drop-down menu:

rugby union records

Results are one click away, feel free to try as we are finishing up with the 6 Nations. In the meantime, why not pull other results such as Handball records or the World Athletics Championships in Doha ?

Is France on a verge of a comeback?

After a disappointing World Cup in Japan, there have been changes at the helm of the coaching team. Needless to introduce our readers to Fabien Galthié. He was a very talented player before coaching Rugby France.

He also coached top flight clubs in France like:

  • Stade Français
  • Montpellier Hérault Rugby
  • RC Toulon

With France it has to be said that the influx of young players is paying off. First of all the Blues beat England which were finalists at the latest World Cup and then Wales at home in Cardiff. This was their first victory there since 2010. This alone is some feat!

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