Women's EHF Euro 2022

2022 Rendez-vous with Handball Women

What a year for European handball! Following Sweden’s men team victory in Budapest earlier this year, women are meeting in November. “Handball has always been a key sport for our statistics. That is why we are now looking at covering handball women official results soon too.” Clas Glenning, Sport Stats Chief Handball is very popular a sports around the world. And always a delight to watch during the Olympic Games. We put together the Handball Olympic All Time tables for…

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Spanish handball

Los Hispanos, the European kings of Handball

The EHF Euro 2020 Tournament was a first in many respects. To start with, Sweden, Norway and Austria were all hosting. This decision by EHF simply echoes the fact that Handball is getting traction all over Europe. Indeed there were 24 teams competing for the title this year. We will go over the teams and highlight where results can be found on our Handball edition of the National Team Stats database, a service by SportStatsGuru. But before we do, a…

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handball féminin

Qui sont les nouvelles championnes de handball féminin?

Les bleues, championnes du monde en titre n’ont malheureusement pas pu passer le cap des phases préliminaires. Toutefois ce mondial au Japon fut plein de surprises. Revoyons donc ensemble les points marquants de ce rendez-vous sportif. Le handball féminin plait tant aux français. Nous sommes mordus aussi et à ce propos, nous avons une petite surprise en fin d’article. Mais avant tout, nous irons visiter Kumamoto et vous parlerons également du maintenant célèbre Emmanuel Mayonnade. Le coach des bataves championnes…

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handball records

New Sport Statistics: handball preview

Coming soon on your favourite Sport Statistics Database: handball records! We love handball at SportStatsGuru and we cannot wait for the EH Euro 2020 but it is true that this sport was also a popular request amongst fans and journalists. After soccer, or football, basketball and ice hockey, we are very proud to be announcing that Handball records are about to become available under our Team Stats section. For our new readers, Team Stats includes any national team statistics for…

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