What a year for European handball! Following Sweden’s men team victory in Budapest earlier this year, women are meeting in November.

“Handball has always been a key sport for our statistics. That is why we are now looking at covering handball women official results soon too.”

Clas Glenning, Sport Stats Chief

Handball is very popular a sports around the world. And always a delight to watch during the Olympic Games. We put together the Handball Olympic All Time tables for that reason. It is available for both handball women and men.

In Europe, the EHF includes 50 member federations plus England and Scotland, as associated federations. As one can expect, championships and tournaments are numerous on the old continent, its birthplace. When it comens to women handball, our focus here, there are some exciting games to watch during:

Handball Women Euro 2022

The Euro will take place across 3 countries this year: Slovenia, North Macedonia and Montenegro. The tournament has been brought forward to avoid a clash with the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Games be played between the 4th and the 20th of November 2022.

There are 4 groups of 4 teams with some heated encounters to expect:

  • Norway, the current champions and Hungary in Group A
  • Sweden and Denmark in Group B
  • France and the Netherlands in Group C
  • Germany and Spain in Group D

No disrespect to the other countries though, that is, Romania, Poland and Serbia. Because it will be a tough tournament and the first participation of the Swiss Handball women team. Also in Group A.

National Team Stats for Handball Women

As Clas reported, we are looking at covering women’s handball at Sport Stats Guru. We are running a poll too so feel free to take part. Thank you!

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