Wanna be informed when the World Cup starts?

Well, I suppose so as you visit this site full of useful statistics for the upcoming World Cup in Russia. You can search all nations previous results versus all other World Cup nations and you can find out which countries have played in the World Cup and how they have fared by checking out the alltimetable http://sportstatsguru.com/world-championships/football-alltimetable-men-world-cup-1930-2014/


But suppose you want more. Well, we have compiled a file that include all the background facts you can possibly need. These are the things included:

  • Complete World Cup 2018 Qualifying stats by player, by game and by each nation, including attendance figures
  • World Cup 2018 Qualifying goal chart: when do your country produce their goals?
  • Previous international games versus group opponents and possible round of 16 dito
  • Internationals played since the last World Cup in Brazil 2014
  • Latest completed domestic championship including top goal scorers
  • The squad with extensive player stats: shirt number, date of birth, position, international caps and goals, club league games played and goals scored last season

Great, right? It is available in a zip file in Excel format. How do I get hold of this you may ask. You just transfer 3 Euros (or equivalent) to Paypal account clas.glenning@spray.se and inform us via clas.glenning@gmail.com which e-mail account you want the file transferred to (please note that the Paypal email and the information email NOT are the same). Piece of cake, right? It should be pointed out that teams play friendly games up to and including June 12th. Also bear in mind that each team can substitute an  injured player from their squad up to 24 hours before the start of their 1st game in the 2018 World Cup. So, depending on when you order the stats are complete up to that particular date.

So, be more informed than your friends and order this now and get so much facts for so little money! Just want to try it before you buy? Send an email to clas.glenning@gmail.com and we’ll mail you a sample.


Image from soccertvblog.com and FIFA.

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