Greetings fellow sports fans!

This post is just to tell you a little about the new database we have added. As you know we have a database with all the medal stats from the Olympic sports since 1750 already present on Sportstatsguru. I urge you to try it out.

But now we have added a completely new database that will appeal to virtually all sports fans. This database contains all international games played by national teams in football! More than 200 countries and territories and over 40 000 games! So whether you need to know all games Argentina has ever played versus their arch rivals Uruguay or just  see the games that the pacific island of Kiribati has ever played you just need to find them in the drop down menus and then click search. Easy, right? However, the database is not limited to football. All official games played by national teams in ice hockey and basketball is also there. (The latter is a work in progress). And with the World Championships in ice hockey coming up very soon, not be mention the football World Cup, you can be prepared when you are placing a bet on your favourite betting site or just want to be up to date with the scores – this is database is a very powerful yet easy tool that is essential to anyone interested in the field of sports.

The databases can be accessed here: Sport Stats Guru Home



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