When it comes to football or soccer, of course the World Cup is the pinnacle for players, staff, coaches especially. Not withstanding participating countries and their fans around the planet. The second most popular event without a doubt though, is a yearly one. The UEFA Champions League.

Some of the best players in the world, toughest leagues and fans watching across all continents again. 

One cannot write about this competition without mentioning the mighty Liverpool Reds. Twice a finalist both last years and thankfully winning in 2019, they are the reigning champions – without a doubt: Allez Allez Allez sums it up, for us at least. But the Spanish teams are gearing up to challenge their crown, Real Madrid to start with and of course the FC Barcelona which is always there. Always been, always will.

The Reds are in Pot 1 for the draw obviously so they will avoid confrontation with European heavyweights, their counterparts, shall we say. They are currently leading the English Premiership with 9 points over 3 games, that is their current form, it is at a peek already. The Red Threat.  They could face Real Madrid though, as the Merengues are in Pot 2. 

Zidane as a coach never failed to win the Champions League and this fact alone always stuns us at SportStatsGuru – yes, we love stats. But according to the Evening Standard, it is not Liverpool who could halt Real Madrid’s road to victory. Indeed, Juventus, Lyon and Moscow are serious roadblocks. And on that topic, we’d like to let you know that we have a Twitter account for Stat Nerds in French. As well as a Facebook group. So wherever you are in the world, you speak French and love football/soccer, please join us. We share stats for the sake of it, also for betting purposes.

So we checked the stats for Olympique Lyonnais aka “OL” across all Spanish teams in Champions League – yes we like to cast a wide net at SSG. And they met 24 times in total against Spanish teams below:

  • Real Sociedad
  • Valencia
  • Barcelona
  • Sevilla and…Real Madrid, of course.

Now, believe it or not, it is against Real Madrid that OL did perform its best and then Valencia. 

So Real Madrid is a bit of a sweet spot for the French lions. Actually, and for those who did not know, Benzema, one of Real’s longest standing strikers started his career in Lyon.

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